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Program Design & Evaluation

Moving concepts to proposals and proposals to programs is the essence of FSC's program design and implementation work. Creating a good program does not mean answering the question "what should we do?" but rather "how should we do it?"

FSC's program design and implementation concerns the delivery of low-income fuel assistance benefits, rate affordability assistance, and energy efficiency assistance. FSC works with public utilities and state agencies to move program ideas off the blackboard and into the field.

FSC designs programs that connect energy efficiency investment with affordable housing programs. FSC pioneered the use of "linked deposits" to finance energy efficiency for affordable housing developers. FSC was the contractor that helped design and deliver home energy ratings to first time home buyers in New Hampshire.

Finally, FSC is working nationwide to help design and deliver projects that help low-income consumers aggregate to purchase competitive energy services. FSC is a member of the technical development team helping to implement the Vermont Community Energy Cooperative (Consumerco). FSC is charged with developing the consumer protection and low-income components of the Consumerco enterprise.


Program design and operation involves creating:


task lists
timelines and assignment of responsibilities
reporting and accountability processes
Currently FSC is designing:
Colorado Residential Essential Services Rate (RESRate) for Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCO)
New Hampshire Electric Assistance Program (EAP) funded through that state's electric restructuring "wires charge"
Iowa Baseload Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP) for low-income high use customers with arrears.
Vermont's low-income full energy services cooperative (Consumerco).

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