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Law and economics are intertwined --indeed often inseparable-- in advocacy on behalf of consumers, especially low-income consumers. To raise the level of sophistication in the economic analysis brought to problems in the legislative and legal arenas, FSC offers a unique set of training on Poverty Law and Economics.

Advocates who pursue social justice issues most often end up arguing about money. Advocacy and litigation concern dollars, whether it is the calculation of damages, judging the fiscal feasibility of proposed remedies, or predicting the impact on the socioeconomic welfare of clients.

FSC offers training in economic tools and substantive law because poverty law and economics are essential to any discussion of economic justice. FSC trainings are presented as interactive lectures. They are informal and highly participatory, focusing on real world issues. The trainings are 1/2 day, 1 day, or 2 day events.

Substantive Issue Training:

FSC's Poverty Law and Economics training program addresses various substantive law areas. (click to download syllabi)

Public benefits
Public and assisted housing
Mobile homes

Techniques of Economic Analysis:

Basic skills in economic analysis require an ability to work with data. FSC's Poverty Law and Economics training program on the techniques of economic analysis teaches legal advocates how to tell a story using economic data. Whether supporting a claim, examining a budget, evaluating program results, calculating damages or examining the economic feasibility of remedies, fundamental economic skills are a necessity.

Download Techniques of Economic Analysis syllabus

Techniques of Economic Research:

Basic skills in economic research require an ability to generate primary data, discover secondary data and analysis, and locate policy evaluation. In a law and economics setting, economic research also involves obtaining public data through requests pursuant to "open records" acts and generating complex data through litigation discovery processes. Basic economic research requires the ability to read a financial statement and assess the financial assets and revenues of persons, organizations, companies and government agencies.

Download Techniques of Economic Research syllabus

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