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Natural Resources & Environmental Ecomonics

The management of our environment and natural resources generally involves an economic analysis. Issues include determining the economic feasibility of various alternatives to a major action affecting the environment, projecting and quantifying the value of those impacts, or assessing the financial ability of a facility owner or operator to prevent or mitigate environmental hazards.

FSC has undertaken significant analyses of the economic development impacts of environmental and resource protection policies. One of FSC's reports assesses the economic development impacts arising from the creation of a national forest in western Iowa. In addition, FSC co-authored a report for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the economic and job impacts of selected EPA environmental protection regulations.

Considering the financial ability of companies operating (or seeking permission to operate) facilities handling hazardous materials involves an economic and financial analysis as well. In providing the expert testimony for the successful challenge to the LES uranium enrichment plant in Louisiana, FSC staffers unraveled the financial maze presented by LES owners and persuasively demonstrated the lack of financial integrity supporting the requested license (leading to a license denial).

The economics of hazardous waste sites is implicated, also, in the post-operation phase of a facility's life. For example, FSC has considered the law and economics of facilities declaring bankruptcy to avoid clean-up orders.


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